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SimplyFun - Fun and Cool Math Games for the Classroom

Hey teachers! Do you need help making math fun in the classroom? Then buckle up because these cool math games transform math equations into exciting adventures that will have your students begging for more gameplay! Whether you're a teacher looking for engaging activities in the classroom or a homeschool parent hoping to level up your child's math skills at home, these math activities are a surefire way to gamify learning and make math fun for everyone!

From spooky Mirror Mansions to Arctic adventures and adorable games where kids pretend to be innkeepers, we have cool math games for every age and learning ability. So whether your students are advanced math whizzes or preschoolers learning to add and subtract 'one berry at a time', you'll find a fun math game for every grade and skill level. So, let's take a break from our math textbooks, shall we? Keep reading for fun & cool math games for the classroom that your students will love!

Popular Math Games for Different Age Groups

Discover math games that take students on amazing adventures. These games are designed to cater to different age groups and skill levels, providing a fun and exciting way to learn and play. Check out some of the coolest math games for students!

Preschool Math Games for Ages 3 to 4

Our collection of fun preschool math games is designed for curious minds ages 3 to 4, offering an interactive and enjoyable experience that promotes early childhood learning in mathematics.

Top Pick: Share a Berry

Sharing is caring as preschoolers turn over cards and count to add berries to their strings, following Beary’s directions to share a berry with another player. The player with the most berries wins! Share a Berry is an adorable way to teach preschoolers to count and share! Play with 2-4 players, ages 3 & up in as little as 30 minutes.

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Child playing Share A Berry math preschool game where kids learn to count and share.

Cool Math Games for Ages 5 to 7

As children start their early years in elementary school, playing games that focus on developing STEM skills, such as spatial reasoning, planning, and strategy, can help them enhance their mathematical thinking and early addition and subtraction skills.

Top Pick: Math Room

Students work to solve the addition and subtraction problems on their key to close the windows in this adorable innkeeper math game! A fun addition and subtraction game for children ages 5 & up. Play with 2-4 players in 15-20 minutes.

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Math Room - cool math game for kids ages 5-7 learning to add and subtract. Image of the game set-up for play in a classroom.

Cool Math Games for Ages 8 to 9

As eight to nine-year-olds progress in their mathematical learning, they gradually move from counting on fingers to using paper and pencil to solve complex problems. At this stage of development, they may even have a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts such as counting money, solving math problems with decimal points, and performing more complex multiplication and division problems. It's important to channel their enthusiasm with fun math games while minimizing the frustration they may face as their math curriculum continues to advance.

Top Pick: Mirror Mansion

Students learn the basics of the geometrics of reflection with this one-of-a-kind game. Use your mirrors to explore every nook and cranny of the Mirror Mansion tabletop game to find the hidden treasures.

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8 year old girls playing cool math game, Mirror Mansion, a fun geometry board game for educational learning.

Cool Math Game for Ages 10 and up

By the time children reach the age of 10, they begin to apply mathematical concepts to practical situations such as adjusting a recipe or measuring for building a birdhouse. They also practice solving problems using various methods, and are starting to strengthen their ability to solve math problems using more complicated three-digit multiplication and long division. It is important to challenge 4th and 5th-grade students while keeping math education light, fun and easy to grasp. Playful games can help make more complicated math lessons applicable and easier to understand.

Top Pick: Owl Solve That!

Team up with the detectives from the Owl Solve That! Agency to find the answers. Players earn one point for each number card they use. Utilizing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, each player creates equations that match a solution card in their hand. To win, be the first player to reach 25 points on your score card.

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Cool math games for $10 year olds- Picture of girl playing math game, Owl Solve That with family.

Cool Math Games for Teens

During their teenage years, math homework becomes more complex as they get ready to learn concepts like algebra, geometry, and calculus. To help your teen improve their math skills, it's crucial to focus on strengthening their "math-thinking skills". These skills include planning and spatial reasoning, which help them make connections between numbers and identify patterns.

Our Top Pick: Star Gazer

Exercise math & STEM thinking like strategy, spatial reasoning, and patterning to be the best stargazer in the galaxy! Students add, remove and swap star tokens to create stellar patterns. The player who earns the most points completing patterns wins!

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Teens playing cool math game for teens, Star Gazer.

Fun and Cool Math Games Transform Student's Math Mindset

Let's be honest, students will always pick play over a tedious worksheet any day of the week. Children who find math easy might hurry to finish an assignment to make more time for recess, while those struggling might not turn in their assignments at all, leading to poor grades and reinforcing a negative attitude toward math. However, teachers can level the playing field and engage every student in math class by using fun math games. Studies show that by gamifying math, students are more likely to understand the material and develop essential soft skills such as problem-solving, planning, strategy, collaboration, and social-emotional learning. Integrating math games into the classroom can lead to increased math confidence, better retention of information, and a lifelong love for learning. Moreover, math games help make learning more tangible, making challenging math lessons like geometry and algebra less abstract and more applicable.

Math Games Encourage a Playful Outlook on Math

Cool math games can be an effective way of teaching complex mathematical concepts to students in a fun and playful manner. A cool math game is one that children enjoy playing and can even help them develop a passion for mathematics. It is important to have a fun approach to learning math that goes beyond memorization and repetition. SimplyFun math games are designed to do just that, helping children overcome their reservations about math and approach learning with creative problem-solving and curiosity.

Fun Math Games Can Help Enhance Skill Levels

Did you know that over 80% of studies on game-based learning have shown positive results? Using math games in the classroom can help introduce new math skills while enhancing what students already know. Moreover, incorporating math games into the classroom also helps students learn planning, reasoning and problem-solving, which can help stack math concepts to develop more advanced skills.

March Mathness is a Great Time to Save on Math Games

March is a great time to engage your students with fun math games for every level and skill! March Mathness is SimplyFun's annual, month-long celebration encouraging the joy of learning essential math skills through play.

During March Mathness, we offer discounts on our coolest math games to highlight the importance of math education and make it more affordable for teachers and families to gamify math and make it enjoyable. So, why not take advantage of this opportunity to have fun while honing your math skills! If you are reading this blog outside of the month of March, keep a look out for our monthly game sales here.

Let's Make Math Fun with Cool Math Games by SimplyFun

Mathematics is a crucial subject that plays a significant role in shaping a student's academic future. One effective way to help students become more proficient in math is by gamifying the learning experience in the classroom. This approach encourages students to engage in math while having fun, making it easier for them to build a strong foundation for their future success. By keeping track of their progress and incorporating fun and cool math games into their lesson plans, teachers can inspire their students to become more confident in their math studies. This kind of support can help students reach their full potential and excel in the math curriculum they encounter in school. Ready to help your students love math? Check out our math games and resources below for an exciting way to improve students' math performance.

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