Cool Math Games that Encourage Less Screen Time

Cool Math Games that Encourage Less Screen Time

Math gets a bad rap for being a difficult school subject. However, is math really to blame? Or is a lack of PLAY in math learning the real culprit? At SimplyFun, we believe PLAY is the secret sauce for learning traditionally tricky subjects like math. We’ve discovered that children find math fun when it taps into their imagination and play instinct. That’s why creating cool math games is our jam!

“Math is cool,” to the child that feels confident exploring the math problems laid out before them. Yet, the reverse is true when children lack math confidence. So how do we make math cool to learn? With math games that make learning FUN!

Ready to Explore the Coolest Math Games that Encourage Less Screen Time? Game On!

Math Games that are Cool, Even to your Coolest Tweens and Teens

Math and spatial reasoning are essential skills for young adults and helps prepare them for lucrative opportunities in Math & STEM related careers. The follow are fun games for math that help advance strategic thinking.

Cool Math Games for Older Kids

Fun Games for Math- Featured Games From Left to Right:

The Go-To Math Games for Middle and Upper Elementary Kids

These games underscore foundational math skills while introducing more complex mathematical thinking that taps into creativity and imagination.

Cool Math Games for Elementary Kids

Fun Games for Math- Featured Games From Left to Right:

Fun Math Games for Early Learners

These games take the early learner on an adventure as they pick up foundational math and critical thinking skills along the way!

Cool Math Games for Early Childhood Education

Fun Games for Math- Featured Games From Left to Right:

Math Games You Can Play on the Playground and Beyond!

Let’s explore math on the go with these fun and portable math games!

Cool math games - portable math games for kids

Fun Games for Math- Featured Games From Left to Right:

Math Games Encourage Math Exploration

Cool math games allow children a playful way to learn complex math subjects. How do you know if you’ve got a cool math game on your hands? Easy! A cool math game is the one your children actually want to play! Building a passion for mathematics requires a fun approach that goes beyond rigorous memorization and repetition.

Math games are fun when games like Mirror Mansion, Walk the Dogs and Math Medalist are added to the mix! How about math games with monsters? Oh yeah, we’ve got that too!

SimplyFun Math games are fun because they allow children to bypass their reservations about math and explore math with creative problem-solving and curiosity. World-renowned STEM researchers and mathematicians take on math problems in much of the same way!


“To me, mathematics, computer science, and the arts are insanely related. They’re all creative expressions.” -Sebastian Thrun, German innovator & computer scientist


So let’s put down the math stigma, pick up a few fun games for math, and gameplay our way to math confidence!

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