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Building and strengthening communication skills doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, game play is a great and fun way to help children build these vital skills.

After all, kids often learn better when they don’t even realize they’re doing it. Whether they play together or with adults, a wide variety of games help kids not only learn to communicate, but improve those skills over time.

Encourage Discussion

Game play typically involves talking in some form. Whether it’s talking about the game itself or how much you want to win, there is discussion. The more discussion, the more a child learns about communication, such as learning new words. Games that involve other children, including pretend play, encourage kids to talk to each other and practice what they’ve heard from adults. Play makes children feel comfortable to explore communication freely.

Learn Non-Verbal Cues

Communication isn’t always verbal. Playing games helps children build their non-verbal communication skills too. For instance, kids may learn how to notice when a friend isn’t happy when losing or understand excitement when someone is winning. As they play more, they learn to recognize a wider variety of non-verbal cues to aid them in communicating with others.

Ask And Answer Questions

Asking and answering questions is an important communication skill and one that helps children continue to learn for life. Game play encourages kids to ask each other questions or even answer questions during the game. Not only do children improve communication skills, but critical thinking skills. Games that promote responding to questions and instructions are ideal ways to improve comprehension.

Improve Literacy

One of the easiest ways to improve literacy for children is through game play. The communication during various games helps children learn the basics and aids them in strengthening those skills over time. Early games, such as reading and acting out books, and games involving speech and reading as children grow boost communication skills for life.

Learn How To Listen And Comprehend

Even though children pick up words by listening to what’s said around them, they also have to learn how to comprehend what’s said. Game play allows you to build comprehension skills gradually, all while the child enjoys playing.

Encourage game play throughout your child’s life. It’s an easy and fun way for children to build communication skills and a wide variety of life-long skills.

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