Who is SimplyFun?

SimplyFun is a game company with a mission to make learning fun for children at every skill level. We strive to give parents, guardians, and educators fun and entertaining resources to supplement structured learning and promote the power of learning through play.


What types of games does SimplyFun sell?

SimplyFun sells games focused on a variety of skills and are designed for a wide range of ages. SimplyFun’s Play Advisory Council determines important factors including skills that can be developed when playing each game, if game content ties to U.S. national and state standards, suitability for special needs, appropriateness for characteristics of autism and extended game play. SimplyFun games have also won numerous awards which you can read about here.


How do I find a game that is right for my family?

The SimplyFun website allows you to search games by age and skill. Use the search filters on the shop page to display the type of games you are looking for. If you would like assistance choosing a game that is right for your family, please contact Customer Care using the Contact Us form and we would be happy to help!


I have a question about how to play a game, who do I ask?

First, we recommend you check out our how to play videos. If you have any questions about any aspect of game play, such as rules or set up, please reach out to Customer Care using our contact form, or directly at CustomerCare@SimplyFun.com and we can get you playing as soon as possible.


I lost a piece to a game; can I get a replacement?

SimplyFun believes making products that last has a profound impact on the world and environment. We strive to make sure our games stay in the hands of families who will play them for as long as possible. If you need a replacement piece, please fill out the Piece Replacement Form or contact Customer Care at CustomerCare@SimplyFun.com and we will send out replacements at no charge. Please see our Piece Replacement policy for more information.


How do I set up a new customer account with SimplyFun?

Your SimplyFun account will only need an email address to get set up. You will be able to sign in and access your account with your email address alone once the account is set up.


How do I reset my password?

Our system does not utilize passwords. When signing in you will be emailed a unique pin number to enter the site. This pin number changes every time you sign in. This is an added level of security and helps prevent needing to request a new password if it’s forgotten.


What is SimplyFun’s return policy?

SimplyFun’s return policy is 30 days. More information regarding our return policy can be found on our Returns page.


Do you ship to outside the United States of America?

No, SimplyFun does not directly ship outside the US. However, MyUS.com is a third-party provider of shipping services that those living outside the United States can utilize to ship items internationally. For more information about MyUS.com, see our Shipping page.


Can I place a tax-exempt order?

Organizations and schools that are tax-exempt may make purchases without sales tax. To place a tax-exempt order, email your contact information, order, and tax-exempt certificate to customercare@simplyfun.com. We will reach out to you to assist in placing the order.


Do you sell your games directly to schools?

Yes! SimplyFun has a direct to school program that allows schools to shop and purchase games using grants, purchase orders, or other methods of payments. For more information, see our School Direct page.


Is SimplyFun a Direct Sales company?

Depending on when and how you heard about SimplyFun, you may have been surprised by what you found when you came to our website. SimplyFun was formerly a Direct Sales company. In February of 2023 we converted to an e-commerce business with an Affiliate program and are no longer a Direct Sales company. For information about our affiliate program or on becoming a SimplyFun Affiliate, click here.