About SimplyFun

Our company has joyfully been serving families for over 15 years by providing unique family board games packed full of learning content as well as plenty of family fun!

Walk the Dogs game by SimplyFun

We got our start in social gaming but in early 2008 we decided that play-based learning was our true passion. We felt that play, as one of the three basic ways we learn, along with academics and experience, was being overlooked. We asked ourselves, what could we do to change that? As it turned out, there was a lot we could do.

Acorn Paws division game by SimplyFun

Right from the start we worked with some phenomenal game designers, such as Reiner Knizia, Michael Schacht, Alan Moon, and Aaron Weissblum. Their expertise combined with the skills of our in-house team resulted in games that not only win awards, but get the nod of approval from both kids and parents.

Awards won by SimplyFun games

Still, we wanted to do more. Partnering with our designers, we began enriching both the gameplay experience and educational content. From games like SavannaScapes, which helps kids build an ecosystem representative of the Serengeti Mara, to Wake up Stars, which allows kids to express their emotions as they explore social-emotional learning concepts at an early age, our games are packed full of learning surprises. Plus, they’re designed for repeat play so you can experience or learn something new each time.

We realize how busy families are, so we’ve designed most of our games to be played in 30 minutes or less.

What you won’t find at SimplyFun are electronic games and apps. It’s just not our jam, and we know that there are already a lot of great companies out there that specialize in that kind of play.

At SimplyFun we believe that making time for face-to-face play each day is one of the keys to maintaining strong family connections and generating the laughter and joy that comes when we play together. We believe that game play can build on inclusivity while introducing concepts of diversity. We want to bring those gifts to your community, friends and family, because play is for everyone.