Best Math Card Games for Kids!

Best Math Card Games for Kids!

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Are you searching for fun and engaging math card games for kids that help keep math skills sharp all year long? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This article will share favorite math card games for kids categorized by age and subject. We'll also share our top tip for math learning on the go, which makes it easy to sneak in some fun and engaging math card games during school drop-offs, at the doctor's office, or while on vacation.

Whether it's multiplication card games or card games with numbers for preschoolers - this blog post is your one-and-done guide to finding the best math card games for kids. So, let's take math learning on the move with these fun math card games for kids of all ages.

Why Math Card Games for Kids?

Math can be difficult for children and is often categorized as the least favorite school subject. When children struggle with math, parents and teachers might feel compelled to double down on math timetables and repetitive worksheets to help students improve their scores. However, this often only worsens children's aversion to the subject.

What if children (even those who claim to hate math) can explore math on their terms using their preferred learning method, PLAY? By igniting a child's math curiosity with math card games, you provide students with a more efficient and fun way to learn math than rigorous textbooks. Studies even show that children perform better in class when gamifying math is at the center of learning.

Let's address the elephant in the room, shall we? Even children naturally gifted at math would much rather play a few rounds of an interactive math card game than sit and complete math worksheets repeatedly. So, if our goal as educators and parents is to provide an environment for lifelong learning and success, shouldn't we make math fun to learn from the get-go? Your child's future in math & STEM depends on it.

Come and be a part of a movement that envisions a brighter future, where mathematics is looked at as an exciting, adventurous, and enjoyable activity. Our math card games for children are easy to play, spark creativity, and provide those "aha" moments that parents and teachers aim for.

The Most Popular Kid Math Card Games

From a preschool card game with numbers, to multiplication card games, we'll cover the best math card games for kids by age and subject to meet every child's learning needs!

Math Card Games for Preschoolers

Early math counting games are essential for preschoolers. Start with the basics with number card games so children can get used to understanding early numbers ranging in the single digits and up to the number 10. Once they feel comfortable with the card game with numbers, you can step up preschool math learning by incorporating simple addition math into gameplay.

Start with Card Games with Numbers for Preschoolers

If you are looking for card games with numbers for preschoolers, we recommend our variation of the classic "Crazy 8's" card game, Crazy Ates. This visually exciting math card game for preschoolers introduces numbers 1-10, basic colors and comes with a fun facts poster to help little learners also learn about food groups!

Crazy Ates

Our favorite among all our number card games for preschoolers! Share food with our Buddies by matching a card from your hand to the color, or number and type of food on the top card of the discard pile. The first player to get rid of all the cards in their hand wins! 2-6 players • 20 min • 4 & up.

Preschooler playing Share A Berry, early math game. Math card games for kids.

Share a Berry

Introduce simple counting, fine motor skills, and social skills like sharing with Share a Berry to build on your child's newly learned numbers. Share a Berry is one of our most popular math counting games for preschoolers! Players turn their cards over and add berries to their string, then follow Beary's directions to either share or receive a berry from another player. The player to collect the most berries, wins! A fun game that helps young players develop fine motor skills and learning to take turns. 2-4 players • 30 min • 3 & up.

Math Card Games for Kindergarten (ages 5+)

Our math card games for kindergarten aim to enhance a child's basic counting abilities and help them better comprehend how counting impacts their daily activities. The key to supporting a kindergartner's math learning journey is to remove any frustrations of learning to count by making it imaginative and fun to learn. Here are our favorite math counting games for kindergarten classrooms and homeschools.

Kindergarten child playing Tally On outdoors, an early county game. Math card games for kids.

Tally On

Kindergartners practice counting-on and addition skills to fill up the delivery truck. The last player to fill the truck without adding too many boxes takes the pile of cards. The player with the most cards wins! 2-4 Players • 10 min • 5 & up.

*Tip: Prefer a math board game format for kindergarten classrooms that help kids count? Break students into groups of four and play the adorable pet game, Take Us Home.

Math Card Games for 1st grade

These math counting games for 1st graders are perfect for introducing more advanced addition, subtraction, math sums, counting money and more.

Boy learning to count money with math card game, Cow Centrs.

Cow Cents

In this math card game for 1st graders, children learn to add and subtract money to reach specific goals while trying not to lose their Cow Cents. 2-6 players • 30 min • 6 & up.

Match card game, Whirly's World

Whirly's World

Whirly's World is a math board game meets math card game for 1st grades that takes place in Whirly's Garden as children practice their addition and math sums. 2-6 players • 15-30 min • 6 & up.

*Tip: Help your child develop math-thinking skills like sequencing and planning in the fun STEM game, Cross Lanes.

Math Card Games for 2nd Grade

Children in 2nd grade can focus on quick addition and subtraction, while also introducing double-digits and mental math. Here are our favorite math card games to build on these skills!

Math sums card game for kids picture. Match card game for kids.

15 to Zero

This fun and portable math card game is perfect for building quick-thinking addition and math sums skills. The first player to get rid of their number cards by matching them to an individual number on a single die or the sum of two or more dice each turn to win the game. 2-6 players • 15-20 min • 7 & up.

Two young boys playing math card game Acorn Paws.

Acorn Paws

This is the ultimate division math card game for students learning to use remainders! Lend a paw and earn your share of acorns as the park squirrels gather all the loose acorns from around town and divide them up. Players select cards from their hand trying to receive the most acorns from the day's collection. The player with the most acorns at the end of 7 rounds wins the game. 2-4 players • 15 min • 7 & up.

Picture of adding and subtracting game, Arctic Riders. Math card game for kids.

Arctic Riders

Arctic Riders is an immersive math card game for kids that helps children practice mental math by adding & subtracting in double digits to feed narwhals! Play it as the complete Arctic-themed math board game, or take the math cards on the road for a portable way to help kids avoid the summer slide. Parents and kids will love the self-check math cards that reveal the answers, like magic! 2-4 players • 20 min • 7 & up.

Math Card Games for 3rd Graders

When children reach 3rd grade, math games that promote critical thinking skills such as decision-making and prediction can enhance their basic math understanding at this level of learning.

Children playing math game Betcha Can't Win. Math card games for kids.

Betcha Can't Win

Use addition and predicting to add your dice numbers up wisely to take possession of individual cards. Thoughtful decision making will help you capture cards from other players as you race to collect the cards with the most value. 2-4 players • 20 min • 8 & up.

Advanced Math Card Games for Kids.

The following math card games for kids are great for students of all ages who want to improve their math skills. Whether your child is advanced in algebra and geometry or needs additional math tutoring, keep reading for some math card games that promote problem-solving and complex math learning.

The Best Multiplication Card Games

Kids playing math problem-solving board game, Owl Solve That! Math card games for kids.

Owl Solve That!

Use math operations and math problem-solving to team up with the detectives from the Owl Solve That! Agency. Utilizing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, each player creates equations that match a solution card in their hand. To win, be the first player to reach 25 points on your score card. 2-4 players • 30 min • 10 & up.

*Tip: Prefer a math card game meets math board game? Try Math Medalist.

Our Favorite Geometry Card Game You Can Take on the Go!

Geometry math card game for kids

Shape Whiz

Race your opponent to find the shape that fits the geometry clue. Everyone must agree the shape is a match or flip the card to check the facts. So fun, you won't even realize you're learning all about geometry. 2-4 players • 15 min • 10 & up.

*Tip: Prefer a Geometry Board Game? Check out our fascinating geometry game, Mirror Mansion

Our Favorite Algebra Math Card Games for Kids!

Girls playing bbq themed math game, Grill Party. Best math card games for kids.

Grill Party

Learn early Algebra and use "more than" and "less than" concepts by placing and swapping food pieces on the grill to match situations on your food cards. Be the first to match all your cards to win. We can't promise you won't get hungry in the process. 2-5 players • 20–30 min • 8 & up.

Did you know that Math & STEM are the Future of Our Economy? Yup, your child's future job market will consist of a projected growth of 8.8% STEM jobs by 2028, and STEM careers offer over 30% more pay than the national average. One misconception is that Math & STEM careers lack creativity, but Math & STEM are the backbone of inventions! Without math & STEM, we wouldn't have buildings, computers, innovative solutions in healthcare, and more. So, if the bulk of inventions are created by merging math with creativity, why do we teach children math & STEM without the creative component?

Math card games for kids can change all that. Our math card games combine math and problem-solving while tapping into a child's imagination to explore learning through play.

Why introduce math card games into your classroom or homeschool:

  • Math card games simplify the learning process and make it more applicable for students.
  • Math card games are portable, which is important because understanding math requires lots of practice. By simplifying the learning process and making it portable, learning math becomes more attainable.
  • Math card games strengthen critical thinking and problem-solving skills and offer benefits beyond basic arithmetic.
  • Math card games offer a hands-on approach to learning, allowing children to actively participate and apply their math skills in a practical manner.
  • Math card games also enhance mental math skills, as players need to quickly calculate and make calculations on the spot.
  • The competitive element of math card games adds an extra level of excitement that will keep your child engaged and motivated.

By incorporating these math card games into a child's learning routine, you can ensure they develop a solid understanding of math fundamentals while enjoying the process. We encourage parents and educators to make math fun and portable with math card games you can take on the go and play in 10, 15, or 20 minutes. Those in-between moments when children and adults might default to screentime are a perfect opportunity to practice math or any other subject a child might need help with.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a math card game (or two) and get ready to boost children's math skills through exciting gameplay!

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