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If you are a wooden board game collector, you may understand the appeal of fun wooden board games. For tabletop gamers, a wooden board game is very tactile and can enhance the gaming experience. Furthermore, a wooden board game may also be a more sustainable gaming alternative, as wooden game pieces are often biodegradable.

One thing is certain, wooden tabletop games are experiencing a resurgence in popularity lately, and we are all for it! Ready to learn what the fuss is all about and which games you should consider adding to your wooden board game collection? Keep reading to find out!


5 Reasons to Give a Wooden Board Game a Try!

Wooden Board Game - Asymbol

There are so many benefits to collecting wooden board games, but here are five solid reasons to add wooden tabletop games to your gaming rotation!

1. A Wooden Board Game Feels like Classic Fun!

For some board game enthusiasts, wooden tabletop games can spark nostalgic memories of playing old wooden board games with family and friends, such as classic Chinese Checkers, Sudoko or Chess.  

2. Add a Wooden Board Game for Playful Decor.

You may have seen the growing trend of using a wooden board game as a playful home decor element. Whether it's classic wooden board games stacked on a bookshelf or a modern wooden game styled on a coffee table. Using wooden games as a display item can add a playful touch to your home decor and serve as a fun reminder to play more games!

3. A Wooden Board Game Can Help Families Unplug and Slow Down.

Families looking to unplug and simplify family-time have also embraced wooden tabletop games. Nothing says slow down and live in the present moment with family and friends quite like a wooden board game. Games like Asymbol and Kilter are a fun way to engage the whole family and are perfect for replacing screen-time with tangible games the entire family can enjoy!

4. The Craftsmanship of a Wooden Board Game Makes it a Tactile Delight!

The craftsmanship of wood board game pieces offers a tactile experience that reminds us to slow down, unplug, and engage in social interactions while stretching our imaginations and brain agility.

5. A Wooden Board Game May Be a More Sustainable Option.

Depending on the paint used on wood board game pieces, wooden tabletop games are often durable and a sustainable option for gameplay. Lose a few wood board game pieces? SimplyFun will even replace them, which helps keep games out of landfills and in households for generations to come.

Ready to give wooden games a try but need help figuring out where to start? Keep reading for our Ultimate Wooden Board Game Guide!


The Ultimate Wooden Board Game Guide: Wooden Tabletop Games by Interest.


 The Best Wooden Board Game that Looks Great on a Game Shelf!

Wooden Board Game - Kilter

Our Pick: Kilter

With its colorful box and simple design, Kilter is not only a fun balancing game to play on game night but will also add a pop of color to any game shelf!

How to Play Kilter: 

Place as many blocks as you can before the seesaw tips, and collect any blocks that fell off during your turn. Successfully place all of your blocks before the other players to win! Game stats: 2-4 players • 15-20 min • 8 & up.


Our Favorite Wooden Board Game for Creative Tabletop Gamers!

Wooden Board Game - Asymbol

Our Pick: Asymbol

Need a creative wooden board game to play for your next game night? Try Asymbol. This family-fun wooden game challenges players to use their imagination to create 3D objects while others try to guess what it is. It's a fun and creative way to spend quality time with family and friends. 

How to Play Asymbol:

Players take turns as builder by drawing a card, secretly choosing one of its two subjects and announcing the associated category (Thing, Event/Activity, Place or Being). The builder then uses any number of the assorted 3D shapes to create their chosen subject while all other players try to guess. The first correct guesser and the builder each earn a point. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. Game stats: 3-6 players • 30 min • 8 & up.


Snag This Wooden Board Game for the Perfect Family Game Night!

Wooden Board Game - Party Guessing Game - Eye to Eye

Our Pick: Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye is a highly entertaining party game where players write down three answers related to a category card while trying to guess what the most popular answers will be. Be the player to see “Eye to Eye” the most to win.

How to Play Eye to Eye:

Players read a category card out loud, and then write down three items that relate to it. All players then share their answers; if your answers are unique, you receive penalty points. If you have the fewest penalty blocks at the end, you win! Game stats: 3-6 players • 30 min • 10 & up.


The Best Wooden Strategy Board Games

Wooden Board Game - Quartile

QuartileStrategy, logic, addition… it's a math lover's delight in this fun update on dominos. Contains 49 solid wood tiles. 2-6 players • 30 min • 8 & up.

Zone to ZonePlayers roll the dice to strategically move across the gameboard while also blocking the movements of their opponents. The first player to move more than half their pieces to the starting positions in the opposite zone wins. 2-6 players • 30 min • 12 & up.


The Best Trivia Meets Bingo Wooden Board Game

Wooden Board Game - Sticks and Stunts

Our Pick: Sticks and Stunts

Use multi-color sticks to complete activities in eight different categories. Win tokens as you race to build stick towers, challenge each other with stick stunts and win trivia contests. The first player or team to get four tokens in a row wins the game.

How to play Sticks and Stunts:

Compete in 8 different activity categories that are fun for every skill level. Complete challenges and answer trivia questions to earn a bingo marker for each activity won. The first to place 4 markers in a row on a bingo board wins! Game stats: 2-6 players • 20 min • 8 & up.


Wooden Board Game - An Early Learning Guide:

Start children young with a wooden board game for early childhood education. 

Preschool Wooden Board Game

(from left to right)

Rooby's ABCs

A wooden board game for preschoolers that teaches littles letter recognition and alphabet sequencing in both upper and lowercase. 1-4 players • 10 min • 3 & up.

Animal Snacks

Help feed the animals in this adorable preschool matching and taking turns game. The perfect introduction to wooden games that features adorable animals you can display in a playroom! 2-5 players • 10 min • 3 & up.

Shelly's Pearl

Preschoolers work with their dive team to collect and trade seashells, swapping smaller shells for larger ones and trading them with Shelly the Octopus. A vibrant under-the-sea wooden game for ages that teaches preschoolers life skills like trading, comparing, and taking turns. 2-4 players • 10 min • 4 & up.

Share a Berry

Players take turns turning over cards and adding berries to their strings, then follow Beary's directions and share a berry with another player. The player with the most berries wins! A fun fine motor skills and counting game for preschoolers. 2-4 players • 30 min • 3 & up.

My Monster

Colorful hearts, circles, and triangles galore! Use your skills of touch to determine which of the hiding shapes will complete your friendly monster. A great early childhood education game for building probability and tactile skills. 2-4 players • 15 min • 5 & up.

My Fun Day

Have a fun day with Tibbar rabbit learning the months of the year and the days of the week along with the four seasons and telling time. Using the colorful wooden board and the fun activity disks, help your child build awareness of the key elements in their daily world. 1-2 players • 10 min • 3 & up.


Two Player Wood Board Games Your Family Will Love!

Looking for a few two player wood games for children, adults, and everyone in between? Keep reading for a few fun options!

Two Player Wood Board Games - Life & Thinking Game, Sunshine Rescue

Wooden Board Game - Sunshine Rescue

Children help rescue pieces of sunshine from the stormy corner of the board, but must hide from the storm cloud if he points their way. The first player to rescue three pieces of sunshine wins! 2-4 players • 30 minutes • 7 & up.


Two Player Wood Board Games - Math Game, Shore Seekers

Wooden Board Game - Shore Seekers

Players take turns rolling the dice to determine how far to move their turtle pawn around the island. Players roll one die at a time with the goal of keeping the added total equal to or less than seven. Then multiply the dice total by the number of dice rolled. (ie: Roll two dice that show 2 and 4. Add 2+4=6. Multiply 6x2 (dice)=move 12 spaces). Each time their turtle lands on or passes the entrance to the nesting site players collect a card that adds eggs to their turtle's nest. When all the cards have been collected, the player with the most eggs wins! 2-7 players • 30 min • 7 & up.


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Building your Board Game Collection

Wooden Board Game - SavannaScapes

Looking to build your wooden board game collection? Try a few of these tips and tricks to build up your wooden board game shelf!

Purchase a Multi Board Game Set!

Although these board game sets aren't all wooden, they are a great way to build your educational board game library for kids on a budget. Plus, you'll save on game set bundles. Shop our game sale page.

Search for Board Games on Sale.

Be on the lookout for games on sale on our monthly specials page. There, you might be able to snag a few wooden games as we always feature a fresh set of games on sale month after month!  Shop our game sale page.

💡 Fun Tip: You can usually find a few classic wooden board games at second-hand shops to round our your wooden board game collection!

A wooden board game is an excellent way to incorporate learning and reduce screen time while enjoying a fun and engaging gameplay experience with friends and family. Fun wooden board games provide a perfect opportunity to boost social skills, mental health, and social-emotional learning. Engaging in healthy camaraderie, laughter, and fun with a few family board games is a great way to achieve these benefits.

Need help searching for the perfect board games for your family, homeschool, classroom, or family game night? 

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