Our Commitment to Creating More Sustainable Games

Sustainable Games - Asymbol Wooden Game

April is Earth Month, and we are reflecting on our commitment to being more sustainable. Our mission as an educational board game company is to help families and communities thrive through play-based learning. We understand that to invest in future generations, we must also be a part of the solution to reduce our impact on this planet we call home.

Read on to learn about our efforts to reduce waste, increase our use of sustainable materials, and keep games out of landfills. All while providing a fun educational environment for generations to come!


Keeping Games Out of Landfills with Our Piece Replacement Policy

One of the most harmful environmental impacts contributed to by the tabletop gaming community is waste. Unfortunately, one small missing game piece can deem a board game unplayable, which means off to the landfill it goes. At SimplyFun, we consider needless waste unacceptable; therefore, we replace missing game pieces through our free Piece Replacement Policy.

Game piece replacement keeps SimplyFun games our of landfills

If we have it, we share it at no cost to the customer. Proof of purchase isn’t required to get replacement parts either. Contact us and we'll send you the replacements so you can continue to enjoy your game or regift it to the next generation of board gamers!


We Use Eco-Friendly Game Components When Possible 

Where we can, we use recycled paper, cardboard and grayboard ranging from 20% to 100% recycled material. Wooden game pieces are also utilized whenever possible as a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic. 

SimplyFun wooden games for a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic. 

Browse our inventory of all wood games or games that use wooden playing pieces. Many of our games are used in classrooms and homeschools for their durability and natural play-based learning experience. 


Teaching Kids about Ecosystems with SavannaScapes

SavannaScapes is a board game that provides family fun and teaches kids about ecosystems, which in turn can help them understand the importance of conservation. Players build a thriving ecosystem on the Serengeti-Mara, working to balance the needs of the animals and plants there. 

SimplyFun wooden games for a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic.

SavannaScapes was developed under the guidance of Ecologist and PBS's Life at the WaterholeMeredith S. Palmer, Ph.D  which helped SimplyFun accurately depict how one of the largest ecosystems on our planet works.

"This game exposes its players to the questions that real researchers are actively exploring on a daily basis, providing a window into this world for the future scientist (or at least, the curious mind) inside every child."

-Meredith S. Palmer, Ph.D  


Our Commitment to Creating More Sustainable Games

At SimplyFun, we're committed to implementing initiatives to reduce our environmental impact and promote a greener gaming experience for families and classrooms. As sustainable gaming production methods advance, we will continue to explore those options while still providing the high-quality and durability our customers expect from our games.

Learn more about our testing and durability here.

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