Improve Homeschooling with Gameschooling

Improve Homeschooling with Gameschooling

Homeschooling often seems like a dream come true. You get to spend more time with your kids and hopefully, they’re loving it too. However, what if there was a way to improve homeschooling to make it even more enjoyable and effective?

The answer is as fun as it sounds – gameschooling. All this means is adding games to help reinforce lessons and concepts so your kids retain more information and grasp difficult topics easier.

Gameschooling can compliment what you’re already teaching at home. It doesn’t replace homeschooling, it just adds a highly effective and fun element.

Homeschooling with cool math game Sumology
2+ players • 30 min • 8 & up

Play Actually Works

Play has always been an effective educational tool. Even just playing in the backyard is filled with educational opportunities. That’s what makes games perfect for homeschooling. Using educational games to support what you’re teaching can boost how well kids learn.

Just look at what these studies have shown. Gameschooling could:

Practice What You Learn

What sounds more fun to you? You can practice multiplication through sheet after sheet of problems or play a game. While practice problems do help, they can be tedious and boring after a while. Reinforce homeschooling lessons by letting your kids practice via an educational board game. There are games available that focus on math, reading, language, shapes, colors, general problem solving and more.

An Educational Break

Sometimes, kids just need a break from workbooks, activity sheets, apps and other standard homeschooling tools. Reward them with an educational break. They’ll just see it as getting to play a board game with you and/or their siblings. What they might not realize is how much they’re learning while playing.

The key is to pick a variety of games to fit with what you’re teaching. Improve homeschooling, reinforce what kids are learning and add a playful element just by adding games to your curriculum.

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