How to Host a Virtual Game Party These Holidays

Host a virtual game party

So you want to host a virtual game party these holidays? We’re here to help! Getting together for the holidays might look a little different this year, but here’s how to host a virtual game party that’s fun for the whole family. We’ve selected five games that will have grandma, cousins, and friends near and far laughing and creating memories via your favorite video calling platform.


First up, we have ARTributes. A game that will have you thinking outside the box and flexing the right side of your brain! Players take turns drawing pictures based on chosen descriptive words—like “sweet” and “cuddly”. The rest of the players or teams try to guess what is being drawn, to win points. Only one family needs to have the physical game as long as everyone on the video call has paper and markers. The team with the game cards will draw for everyone else at the virtual game party and tell them which cards they can choose from. We recommend having a tripod or two people on each end to hold the phone/computer screen so everyone can see what’s being drawn.

Virtual holiday party with games- ARTributes creative game


What come to mind when you think of types of trees? Ice cream brands? Things that squeak? Write down three answers from the category card and see how well you know the other players. Be the player to see “Eye to Eye” most often to win. This game can be played via paper and pen or the chat feature available on most video call platforms. The person who has the physical game will get to choose the category card for each round and set the timer.

Virtual holiday party with games- Eye to Eye family game


In Get 4 & Score, pick a category, then list words that begin with each of the four-letter cards. Earn points for each letter you complete before the timer runs out! The person with the physical game will turn over the cards, roll the dice and then point their camera or computer to the game so everyone can see. The other participants just need paper and a pen, or they can type their answers into the chat.


Virtual holiday party with games- Get 4 & Score Word game



Take Your Pick: Qrazy Quandries is a “qrazy” way to get to know each other better…Would you prefer to eat two pounds of pure chocolate or two pounds of ice cream? This game will have you “qracking” up! You can play virtually if only one person has the game, but it’s even more fun if at least two people have it.

Qrazy Quandaries - Icebreaker game- thisorthat card game


This chat ring has 98 thought-provoking conversation starters help build important social interaction skills. Share information about yourself and get to know others even better! Once person can read out the chosen conversation starter and then each person on the call can give their answer.


Virtual holiday party with games- Icebreaker game


We hope everyone has a blast playing these games virtually with family and friends! Remember to snag a screenshot of the fun, and maybe schedule a regular virtual game party in 2021! Ready? Game on!

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