Board Games Every 7 and 8-Year-Old Will Love

Board Games Every 7 and 8-Year-Old Will Love. Little girl with present

Here are five board games every 7 and 8-year-old will love these holidays! So if you’ve got a 7 or 8-year-old kid in your life, we have games that will delight, teach valuable lessons, and give plenty of opportunities to build memories and life-long skills.

Board games will give virtual learners a break from screens and a chance to reconnect face-to-face with their favorite quarantine squad. We rounded up a list of five irresistible games that will get them laughing, learning, and flexing their competitive muscles!


First up, we have ARTributes. This game will sharpen your creativity skills and force you to think outside the box– perfect for the Van Gogh in the family. But don’t fret, you won’t need an art degree to have fun playing this game. Players take turns drawing pictures based on chosen descriptive words. The rest of the players or teams try to guess what the picture is to win points. The person or team that reaches 15 points first wins. For example, if the two words you have to work with are “sweet” and “cuddly” what would you draw?

Creative art game ARTributes


Next is Corner Center Match. This game is fast-paced and forces you to focus on discarding as many cards as you can, as quickly as possible. Practice matching colors and shapes by quickly playing cards from your hand. Match a corner of your card with the center of the target card in both color and shape before another player makes the match.

Board Games Every 7 and 8-Year-Old Will Love


Ditch the video games and treat your kiddo to a 3-D board game called Crystal Cup Rally! Race around the track, planning which paths to take in order to get ahead. Players can power up their vehicle by collecting crystals that allow them to take short cuts or increase their engine power. Racers can also place obstacles in the way of their opponents to slow them down. Be the first racer to complete two laps around the track and win the Crystal Cup Trophy.

Racing game Crystal Cup Rally


Dish ‘em Out is for your pancake-loving future entrepreneurs! Rival diner owners hustle to seat and serve the morning rush of hungry customers that have arrived for breakfast. Different food types have longer cook times, so planning is everything. Players receive points for each successfully-completed order and lose points for wasted food, incomplete or incorrect orders. The player with the most points when the flow of customers runs out is the winner.


Board Games Every 7 and 8-Year-Old Will Love



Do you know a kiddo who loves math? Grill Party might not look like a math game but it is! And it’s oh-so-fun! Learn ‘more than’ and ‘less than’ concepts by placing and swapping food pieces on the grill to match situations on your food cards. Be the first to match all your cards to win. We can’t promise you won’t get hungry in the process.


Board Games Every 7 and 8-Year-Old Will Love


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