15 Cozy Games to Play this Fall

SimplyFun Blog -15 Cozy Games to Play this Fall

There is something so comforting about curling up with cozy games as the weather gets crisp and leaves begin to fall. When the forecast calls for rain, turn dreary days into fun-filled adventures by playing tabletop games with your friends and family.

Need help finding the perfect cozy game to play this fall? Keep reading for our favorite indoor activities, including card games, board games, party games, and more!


Cozy Games to Play on the Go

Kids on the Go Card Set - Early Learning Portable Games

Cozy games to play - Kids on the Go Card Set

This fun set of card games introduces young players to taking turns, and recognizing their colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. It also includes a convenient tote bag for a cozy game set on the go! 2-6 players • 20 min • 4 & up.


Family Stories-Chat Ring - Icebreaker Game

Cozy games to play Family Stories Chat Ring

Keep strong social interaction alive in your family with these 98 ice-breaker questions that will spark ideas for conversations you will always treasure. A fun cozy game to enhance relationships with family and friends. 2+ players • 5 & up.


Cozy Games for Early Childhood Learning

My Fun Day - Time-Telling Activity Board

Cozy games to play My Fun Day Activity Board

This delightful activity board is designed for young children to help them explore the changing of seasons, telling time, months, and much more, all on an adorable wooden activity board. It comes with fun activity discs that help children build their vocabulary skills and develop a better understanding of time. 1-2 players • 10 min • 3 & up.


Buddy Hop - Preschool Gross Motor Skills and Memory Game

Cozy games to play Buddy Hop preschool game

Get your body moving as you hop through two early learning games in one. Game one concentrates on building memory and sequencing skills; game two concentrates on building quick visual association skills. 2-5 players • 10–15 min • 4 & up.


Shelly's Pearl - Preschool Trading and Collaboration Game

Cozy games to play Shelly's Pearl

Enjoy exploring the ocean floor with your dive team collecting colorful shells to trade with Shelly the octopus. Each time you reach one of the three trading bubbles, collect a shell, and trade your smaller ones for larger ones. The game ends when everyone has collected their prize pearl and can "shellebrate" together! A cozy game for preschoolers to play indoors! 2-4 players • 10 min • 4 & up.


Cozy Games for Strategy Gamers

Dish 'em Out - Diner-Themed Strategy Game

Cozy games to play Dish 'em Out

Rival diner owners hustle to seat and serve the morning rush of hungry customers that have arrived for breakfast. Different food types have longer cook times, so planning is everything. This diner-themed cozy game is perfect for indoor rainy days. 2-5 players • 30 min • 8 & up. 


Amalgam - Wizard Memory and Strategy Game

Cozy games to play Amalgam

Fill your cauldrons with an amalgam of ingredients to create the most potent potions. Use your memory to gather and collect as many of the same type of ingredients as you can for the strongest result. A perfect indoor cozy game that is equal parts memory and strategy. 2-4 players • 30 min • 10 & up.


Cozy Games that Take You Around the World

Let's Drive - U.S. Geography Game

Cozy games to play - Let's Drive US Geography Game

Visit scenic locations around the USA, and earn a point for each destination you stop at. Visit the right combination of locations to receive helpful bonuses. Be the first to earn enough points to win the game! A fun road trip game for family game night. 2-5 players • 30 min • 8 & up.


Let's Jet! - World Geography Game

Cozy games to play - Let's Jet World Geography Games

Become a globe-trotting geography whiz! Visit neighboring countries and learn about the world as you collect points for visiting your destinations. A fun world geography board game. 2-5 players • 30 min • 8 & up.


Cozy Games for Family Game Night

Asymbol - Building-Guessing Party Game

Cozy games to play - party game Asymbol for family game night

Is it a bird? A penguin? Asymbol challenges your creativity as you build 3D forms from the fun wooden shapes, while others try to guess what you're making. Players take turns drawing cards and creating one of the two subjects shown, using any number of the 47 pieces in the game. A fun cozy game to play with friends and family! 3-6 players • 30 min • 8 & up.


Kahootz! - Charades and Drawing Party Game 

Cozy games to play for family game night - Kahootz!

Tongue Tied! Show & Tell! Second Hand! Sound Off! This isn't your grandma's charades. Teams pick a performance card to play, and then players perform the action for their team to guess and earn points. The first team to score 20 points wins! Great fun for hosting a cozy game night or for parties of any size. 6+ players • 30 min • 8 & up.


The Reel Script - Movie Script Creative Game

Cozy games to play - movie script game The Reel Script

Be a screenwriter and create an amazing storyline. Creativity and imagination are used to put all the parts together to create what may be voted "the real script" by other players. A creative cozy game for indoor play. 3-5 players • 20–30 min • 8 & up.


Cozy Games to Bring to Cabins and Weekend Getaways

Ice Tumble - Stacking Game

Cozy games to play stacking game - Ice Tumble

Love a stacking game? Ice Tumble is one of our go-to cozy games! Players roll a die, collect ice blocks, and stack them to create an ice sculpture. The first player to place all their blocks and fox pawn on the sculpture wins. Be careful not to let it tumble! 2-4 players • 15 min • 7 & up.


Chalk-A-Word - Word Game

Cozy games to play- word game, Chalk-A-Word

The more words you know the greater your chances. Use your letter cards to create new words or add to existing words in play. Spell as many words as you can and earn the most points before the chalkboard gets wiped clean. 2-5 players • 30 min • 8 & up.


Katachi - Planning and Spatial Reasoning Tile Game

Cozy games to play - spatial reasoning and planning tile game

Think matching color, shapes and sizes is easy? Not when you need to do multiple matches at the same time to reach your goal. Planning and moving your tiles supports planning and spatial reasoning skills. 2-4 players • 30 min • 8 & up.


Looking for some fun cozy games to play this fall? Enjoy the season with our exciting selection of educational games, party games, and strategy games.


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