Word Association Game Roundup: Our Top Picks!

Word Association Game Roundup: Our Top Picks!

Word association games are a fun way to boost language skills, but have you ever played a word game at a party or on family game night? Word association games are a hilarious way to exercise creativity, language, and memory skills as players quickly think of words associated with a category. As you can imagine, the challenge of quickly associating words to categories can yield some pretty comical results. And the unscripted face-to-face time laughing with family and friends? Well, that's priceless.

So, if you are looking for a no-fuss social activity that checks all the boxes (fun, engaging, brain-boosting, and affordable), then keep reading our Word Association Game Roundup to discover why you might want to add a few of these fun word games to your game-shelf!


Why Play a Word Association Game? 

Word association game - girl playing Linkity

Word association games come in many forms: word association board games, word association card games, word association icebreaker games and let's not forget, those 'great for groups' word games that help everyone interact and engage. Here are a few of the many reasons to get wordy with a word game!


Play a Word Association Game for Brain Health

Playing a word association game can help strengthen the brain's neural pathways and help speed up cognitive function and memory.

Jessica Caldwell, PhD, neuropsychologist for Cleveland Clinic says "There is no minimum or maximum time you should be playing these kinds of word games, what matters more is playing them on a regular basis."


Play a Word Association Game to Build Vocabulary Skills

Word association games help build vocabulary skills, which is beneficial at every age and stage of life! As we interact with other players in a word association board game, we expose ourselves to words used in gameplay that we might not have heard of before. Furthermore, social learning tends to make retaining new information more sticky and impactful. 

Best-selling author and Masterclass instructor, Dan Brown recommends word games for expanding vocabulary skills. Brown suggests "Keep a list of the different words you learned while playing the game, and then study that list from time to time."


Play a Word Association Game to Build Social Skills

Word games help us build social skills. This is especially important for younger children. Learning social-emotional skills like taking turns, fair play, empathy and teamwork sets the foundation for early childhood learning. But social skills are not just beneficial for kids. Adults need social engagement at every age, and studies show that socializing IRL is essential to our mental and physical health too!


Why Use a Word Association Game in the Classroom

Let's face it, classroom boredom is common, even among top-performing students. When classroom boredom sets in, we may lose student participation and interest, and their performance may slip. At SimplyFun, we believe that play is the best way to avoid burnout and add some excitement to the classroom. So before passing out another spelling test, why not prep young minds with a word association board game they can enjoy while building teamwork and social-emotional learning skills? You can easily weave word games into the curriculum, with most of our games having a quick playtime of 30 minutes or less. Not to mention, teachers love that our educational board games help reduce curriculum planning. Our games also have great replayability, which means no two rounds of gameplay are alike. Plus, our Free Piece Replacement Policy is a foolproof way to enjoy your SimplyFun games for years to come.


Play a Word Association Game for a Screen-Free Alternative to App Games

Did you know that a word association game is also an excellent tool for enhancing mental performance and cognitive function throughout the day? Add a quick word association card game to your morning routine to get creative juices flowing. Or, instead of pouring another cup of coffee during the midday slump, why not reach for the word association card game, Linkity? Word games are also a fun way to unwind at the end of the day, similar to a crossword puzzle or a good book.


Play a Word Association Game at Parties

Is a fun party game more your speed? Then you'll need word association card games like Eye to Eye, Linkity, and Get 4 & Score! These games make great hostess gifts and are an easy solution to boost the fun at any party or gathering. Play them at a family reunion or with a few friends for endless laughs on game night!


Play a Word Association Game for Senior Brain Health

Word association games are beneficial for exercising the brain and mental agility, which are essential as we age. Players improve their memory and processing speed by interacting with others to think of words within a category. Word association games also support this key element for senior brain health: socialization.


The Best Word Association Games to Play!

Now that we have covered the many benefits of playing word association games, without further ado, here are our favorite titles you should be playing on game night, family night, in the classroom, and everywhere in between!


Create Word Links with Word Association Card Game Linkity!

Word association games - players playing card game Linkity

Linkity is our go-to word association card game you can stow in your bag for a no-fuss activity with kids or family game night! Linkity is the word association card game to play with friends who claim they don't like tabletop games! That's because it's a simple concept card game with straightforward directions, which allows players to set up and play quickly.  

How to Play Linkity:

The starting player says a word starting with the letter on one of their cards. Quickly, the other players play cards and say words that are associated with the previous word. The first to play all of their cards is the winner! Linkity is a great for groups word game you can play with 3-8 players, ages 8 & up, in as little as 15 minutes.


See Eye to Eye with This Word Association Ice Breaker 

Word association games - photo of family of girls playing a word game

How well do you know your friends and family? Can you see Eye to Eye? In this word association card game, players try to guess popular answers associated to a category card before the timer runs out!

How to Play Eye to Eye:

Players read a category card out loud, and then write down three items that relate to it. All players then share their answers, and if your answers are unique then you receive penalty points. If you have the fewest penalty blocks at the end, you win! Play Eye to Eye with 3-6 players, ages 10 & up, in as little as 30 minutes.


Get 4 & Score in This Word Association Board Game

Word association games - Photo of family playing Get 4 and Score Word Association Board Game

This word association board game puts your spelling and vocabulary skills to the test! In Get 4 & Score, you'll need to think of not one but FOUR words associated with a drawn category card, which makes it a fun challenge for language arts class or family game night! Play this group-friendly word game with 2-8 players, ages 8 & up, in 20–30 minutes.

How to Play Get 4 & Score:

Reveal the top category card and race to write down four answers that start with the letters found on the letter cards. Players reveal their answers and score points based on the dice rolled. After ten rounds, the player with the highest score wins! 

Word association game - Photo of family playing Get 4 & Score Word Association Board Game

Whether you're looking for a word association icebreaker for the classroom or a game for family night, one thing is certain: fun and laughter will be had! Get one or all of our word association games to help kids, adults, and elders improve their vocabulary, spelling, reading, and overall cognitive abilities while having laugh-out-loud fun. Ready? Game on!


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