Raising Confident Learners with Educational Games

SimplyFun Blog -Raising Confident Learners with Educational Games

Confident learners are not born confident. They are simply the result of encouragement and effective teaching. Each student is unique, and no two children learn in quite the same way. One child might learn better visually, while another might thrive with tactile experiences.  

One learning style that benefits ALL students is play-based learning! Studies show when children learn through play, they are often ‘Deep Learning,’ which allows them to understand the ‘why’ behind the methods. 

Here are Some Practical Tips to Help Parents and Educators Encourage Confident Learners:

SimplyFun Blog - Raising Confident Learners with Educational Games

1. Focus on Play

Play comes naturally to children, and they are often more open to learning when it feels like play! Look for sneaky games that tap into a child's imagination to learn their coursework. For example, exploring the spooky mirrors of Mirror Mansion can give children visual and tactile experiences to help them learn geometry.

2. Make Learning Applicable

Flashcards and worksheets can feel monotonous, and children run the risk of 'memorizing' instead of grasping what they are learning. Making education applicable gives children a better chance of getting that 'light bulb' moment where they understand what they are learning, which can provide them with the confidence they need to advance in their studies.

SimplyFun Blog - Raising Confident Learners with Educational Games

3. Work on Mindset

Working on mindset and the language used around education is essential for building confident learners. 

Instead of saying: 

"I'm not good with numbers."

"She's bad at math like her mother." 

Try this instead:

"Numbers come easy to me when I apply them with creative thinking."

"We are learning math together in a way that works best for our learning styles."

4. Measure their Progress

Create a learning log that charts your child's journey. This journal will help you remind them how far they have come when they feel discouraged. 

You might encourage their progress by saying: 

"I understand the challenges you are facing to learn Geometry but do you remember two months ago when you couldn't see your potential to learn Algebra 1? 

SimplyFun Blog - Raising Confident Learners with Educational Games

Raising Confident Learners, It Starts with FUN!

Learning is a lifelong journey, so why not make it enjoyable for your child? A fun learning experience can help boost self-confidence and instill a curiosity for learning. It also gives children a much-needed break from their devices while strengthening family bonds and social-emotional development. 

Ready to make learning a blast with family-fun educational games?

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