New Look and Features to This Family-Fun Dice Game!

Family dice game - decision-making for kids -tabletop game- My Mine

Game Design: Reiner Knizia

Join the gold rush with SimplyFun's re-release of My Mine! This risk vs. reward game has players rolling dice to collect as many gold nuggets as possible. Be careful not to get too 'gold greedy,' or you may lose it all!

With its fresh new look and exciting game features, this portable dice game is perfect for a casual game night with players ages 6 and up. You'll love My Mine's thrilling gameplay and easy-to-follow rules, which make it an inclusive game for friends and family gatherings! 


Why My Mine Will Be Your Next Favorite Portable Game

My Mine is a Fun & Portable Dice Game:

My Mine comes with a dice tray, perfect for on-the-go play in cafes, long car rides, and is the perfect game to pack for a family trip to keep the kids entertained. 


My Mine has Great Replayability: 

We've been told My Mine feels like playing a slot machine app but with educational benefits and the thrill of engaging with family and friends IRL like only a tabletop game can. Plus, it's a fun (yet sneaky) way to help kids build essential life skills like probability and decision-making!


My Mine is an Educational Game That Builds Life Skills:

  • Probability & Risk vs. Reward Thinking- Playing probability and risk vs. reward games can help children develop soft and hard skills. Probability games like My Mine teach good decision-making and self-control, which can be applied to help kids cooperate with others and make better choices in their academic and professional lives. Furthermore, these games also allow kids to analyze probability, which is often used in math and STEM careers. 
  • Decision-Making Skills-Players use decision-making to select which dice to set aside, where to claim nuggets, and whether to re-roll and risk losing their set aside dice.
  • Predicting Skills-Players use predicting skills to analyze and observe dice rolls to determine their chances of success.

My Mine is a game that helps both kids and adults learn essential skills, such as assessing risk vs. reward and predicting the probability of any action they take in the game. Now, let's open this fun dice game and let the 'gold times' roll!


What is in the Box

Family dice game - decision-making for kids -tabletop game- My Mine
  • 77 shimmering gold nuggets
  • 7 wooden dice
  • 6 mine carts
  • 1 dice tray
  • 1 storage bag


My Mine Game Set-Up

Family dice game - decision-making for kids -tabletop game- My Mine

1. Place the dice tray with the dice in the middle of the game area where everyone can reach.

2. Place all 77 gold nuggets in the storage bag to the side of the dice tray.
Each player gets a mine cart.

3. Choose a starting player by having all players roll all 7 dice included in the game. Jot down the dice total of each player. The highest roller plays first and the game continues clockwise. 


How to Play, Risk vs. Reward Game, My Mine

Your turn consists of TWO actions: 

1. Staking your claim with the dice.

2. Collecting your gold.


Action One: Staking Your Claim

Start your turn by rolling all seven dice into the dice tray, hoping to set aside a combination of dice that will let you collect gold nuggets. 

You can re-roll the remaining dice as many times as you want on your turn, as long as you can set aside at least one die after each roll. Any dice set aside should be placed outside the dice tray, away from any re-rolls.

Examples of Dice Rolls You Can Play in My Mine:

Family dice game - decision-making for kids -tabletop game- My Mine

Action Two: Collecting Your Gold

The following chart shows how much gold to collect from the bag for the dice you have set aside during your turn. Each group of numbered dice earns gold nuggets equal to the number shown, not the sum of the dice rolled.

Family dice game - decision-making for kids -tabletop game- My Mine

Collecting Gold from Another Player

All dice showing the pickaxe symbol have a value of zero. However, if you can set aside three or more pickaxes during your turn, you can choose to take all your earned nuggets from another player.

Simply collect your gold nuggets from another player's mine cart instead of the bag. If that player has less gold than you earned during your turn, you only receive what that player has and do not take the remainder from the bag.

Family dice game - decision-making for kids -tabletop game- My Mine

For a full breakdown of gameplay, watch the My Mine video on the product page.


End of the Game

The game ends when a player removes the last gold nugget from the bag. If not enough nuggets are available to fill their claim, the player receives only what is left.

All players then count up all the nuggets in their mine carts and the player with the most gold nuggets wins! In the case of a tie, the players share the victory.


Get In On the Gold Rush For Family Game Night!

My Mine is the perfect dice game for family game night because it's portable, educational, and, quite frankly, super exciting to load up your mine cart with gold! The more your kids want to play My Mine, the more they develop essential life skills such as decision-making, probability, and analyzing risk vs. reward. Making My Mine a win-win for everyone!


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