Meet the Team, our SimplyFun Buddies

Meet the Team, our SimplyFun Buddies

Did you know that SimplyFun has “buddies” featured throughout our games that are full of life, each with their own individual specialties? Learn more about how our buddies guide us as we develop new games and show us the importance of play. Which one is your favorite? Keep reading and share!


SimplyFun Blog DiggerDIGGER – One of Tibbar’s closest friends, Digger was actually the first Buddy to appear in a SimplyFun game. Though he didn’t have a name at that time, he graced the cover of our Walk the Dogs box where his excitement and spontaneous character showed through. Digger loves to match things and join them together, so his signature Digger’s Garden Match is a perfect fit for his skills.


SimplyFun Blog Beary BearBEARY BEAR – Beary Bear came to life in Share a Berry showing kids how to collect and then share his delicious berries. Like all bears, Beary displays his curiosity following his nose (and stomach) as he learns along the way. All the Buddies know how much Beary loves his berries. So when the Buddies wanted to make Beary a pie in Save the Pie he ends up chasing buddies all the way to the pie maker when he finds the berries gone! Beary has also appeared in Bee Alert (you know how much bears love honey!), and Letter Slide.


SimplyFun Blog Rooby RooROOBY ROO – One of our newest characters, Rooby Roo came to life in our competitive strategy game of High Tail It! She loves physical movement (particularly hopping!), so anytime she can find a reason to jump around you will probably find her there. She has since authored her own ABC game that focuses on letter recognition and alphabet sequencing. She also appears in Buddy Hop.



SimplyFun Blog WhirlyWHIRLY – As our newest Buddy, Whirly is still sharing with us what he likes to do. But for sure we know that he loves odds and evens! Sliding along his garden trail counting as he goes helping kids learn the differences between numbers is a favorite pastime. His first game is Whirly’s World.



SimplyFun Blog PicklesPICKLES – Pickles is also one of Tibbar’s long-standing pals and first appeared in Pop Belly to share his favorite barnyard. Pickles is a creative and independent thinker; and he always invites his friends along to join in his ideas. Naturally, Pickles loves of storytelling which led him to help develop Pickles Pig Tales, a silly make your story as you go game that gets Pickles giggling every time we play. He also makes a guest appearances in Save the Pie, and Buddy Hop.


SimplyFun Blog Bubbles and PuddlesBUBBLES AND PUDDLES – Bubbles and Puddles are brother and sister twins. Being the youngest of our Buddy crew, they help bring the earliest of our games to life starting with their own Bubbles and Puddles game. Bubbles is the more organized of the two while Puddles is more spontaneous…making them a great team! Despite their differences they love to play together and help each other out. They also appear in Save the Pie and Buddy Hop. Bubbles makes a special appearance in Letter Slide.


SimplyFun Blog HueyHUEY – First appeared in our alphabet wooden puzzle, but has since appeared in his signature game Color Huey. As an inch worm he likes to contribute to games and puzzles that have sequences or lot of segments. He is looking forward to the chance to partner with his buddy Whirly on a future SimplyFun project!

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