Meet Is or Isn’t—A Vocabulary-Building Word Game!

Meet Is or Isn’t—A Vocabulary-Building Word Game!

Is or Isn’t is a vocabulary-building word game that’s perfect for early learners! Play along with the adorable creatures that live in this game’s thesaurus. They will help you learn synonyms (words that share the same meaning) and antonyms (words that have opposite meanings). Players take turns rolling the die and moving their character pawn around the bingo-style game board, landing on word cards or challenge spaces. When you identify the synonyms or antonyms on your bingo board, cover the squares with a token. Be the first player to complete a line of four tokens horizontally, vertically or diagonally and win the game. This vocabulary-building game is a fun way to increase your word count.

Is or Isn't Early Childhood Education Language Arts Game

Kids ages 6 and up will love the playful and expressive artwork that helps them visualize each word. It gives kids another way to cement the new words they are learning, through the help of memorable imagery—how fun is that! From a green checkmark that says “correct” to an elephant with “BIG” written in capitals, kids will have a blast seeing words paired with images.

Is or Isn't Board Game- Language Arts game for early childhood development

Is or Isn’t is another brainchild of world-renowned game-designer Reiner Knizia. Reiner Knizia has also designed over a dozen much-loved and award-winning games for SimplyFun, like Owl Solve That!, Acorn Paws and Uncle Beary’s Bedtime. Is or Isn’t delivers a delightful way for new readers to work on vocabulary-building.

So get your hands on our newest word game, Is or Isn’t and your family with be having fun enriching their vocabulary, along with some friendly competition. Plus, gameplay takes less than 20 minutes! Ready? Game on!

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