Making Play Beneficial for All. SimplyFun’s Approach to Autism

Diverse kids with varying educational needs. Games for Autism, special needs and learning challenges

SimplyFun believes that all children have the opportunity to benefit from game play. For children on the autism spectrum, we focus on the child’s strengths and interests while providing suggestions that help offset common challenges. This approach is unique to us and comes from our commitment to finding ways for all children to reach their potential, share their accomplishments, and connect with family and friends.

Our games have been analyzed by an independent team of advisers who have identified games within SimplyFun’s portfolio that build on common strengths found with children on the spectrum, as well as providing suggestions for game play suitability and/or changes to the game play to make the game more accessible.

Our unique approach to game analysis reviews our game attributes first focusing on strengths and interests, and then focusing on common challenges. The game content that we evaluated include:


To access this information, pick a SimplyFun game and click on the autism tab and then modify game play based on your child’s strengths and challenges. It’s that easy!

At SimplyFun we are passionate about play and its benefits. Board games are a great way for children on the autism spectrum to build skills and connections.

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