Learning Begins When the Fun Starts

How to make learning fun so kids can enjoy learning

Sometimes all it takes is a game to help kids learn easier.

All work and no play isn’t always the best way to help your child learn. Wouldn’t it be nice to just play for a while, especially when science says it’s one of the best ways to retain information?

Having fun with others is just one of the ways your child and even you learn and remember things. Give it a try with a fun, educational board game and you’ll be surprised at just how much your child remembers afterwards. You’re creating memories and your kids don’t even realize how much their minds are growing.

Laughter Enhances Memory

Playing games tends to make people laugh and relax. Studies have even shown that humor activates the brain’s release of dopamine, which has been linked to long term memory retention. Your kids may be just enjoying a fun game, but while they’re laughing, they’re learning math, science, language, social skills and more.

Dopamine Helps Boost Long Term Memory

Many studies have been done on the effects of dopamine on memory. It’s considered a reward chemical since it makes you feel good. It’s released when you’re happy or proud of yourself. Dopamine helps modulate the hippocampus, which is a vital part of long term memory. By creating happy memories with play, you’re helping boost your child’s long term memory retention as well.

Memories Are Linked To Strong Emotions

According to this article in Brain World, some studies have estimated as much as 95% of reactions are motivated more by emotion, including memory. Stronger emotions equal stronger memories. It’s why we often remember our strongest positive and negative moments best. The same applies to children. A teacher asking them to memorize facts isn’t going to trigger an emotional response. A fun game played with their friends or family creates a stronger, positive memory, leading to a higher rate of retention. Add some play to learning and you’ll create lasting memories full of educational value.

Play More And Learn More

Take the time to break out some educational board games with your children. It’s not only fun for everyone involved, but it also boosts memory. Learning doesn’t have to be dull. Let children play more and they learn even more.

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