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Amalgam strategy board game by SimplyFun for ages 10 and up

6 Educational Games for Special Needs Kids and Adults 

Whether you're everyone’s favorite special ed teacher or you have a loved one with special needs, you're always on the lookout for games that make learning a blast. But what do you do when you've played every game in the universe?

Fear not! We've got your back with a treasure trove of games and fun activities for special education students of all ages. We've handpicked some of our absolute favorite special needs games to share with you right here. Let's dive in!

The Power of Games for Special Needs Students

Who says learning can't be a barrel of laughs? Games for special needs kids and adults aren’t just about having fun — they can also work wonders for their development. These games can boost self-confidence, foster independence, and unlock a whole range of valuable skills.

For example, group activities for adults with intellectual disabilities are a great way to learn communication, cooperation, critical thinking, and conflict resolution. Prefer to avoid group settings? No problem! Individual special needs games can enhance problem-solving skills and boost their independence. Whatever type of special education game you choose, the benefits are endless (and not to mention, fun!).

The 6 Best Games for Special Needs Kids and Adults that Teach Essential Skills

Ready to find the perfect game? Whether you’re looking for activities for special needs adults or you’re homeschooling your child, we've got an awesome lineup of games for special needs students of all ages. Keep scrolling for more!

Digger's Garden Match by SimplyFun is a shapes, colors, and counting game for ages 4 and up

1.  Digger’s Garden Match

This delightful game is packed with learning opportunities. As players embark on a digging adventure, they'll not only have a blast but also develop essential skills. By matching shapes, identifying colors, and counting up to 50, special needs students can strengthen their cognitive abilities. The game also enhances spatial reasoning as they strategically place their findings. With the flexibility to play solo or with a group, students can enjoy independent play or foster teamwork and cooperation.

Dreaming Dragon by SimplyFun is a fine motor skill game and spatial reasoning game for ages 6 and up

2.  Dreaming Dragon

Get ready for an epic quest filled with dragons and eggs! In this fun and engaging game, players must carefully remove lizards from the sleeping dragon's back without disturbing the precious eggs. Special needs students will hone their spatial reasoning and fine motor skills as they navigate the delicate task. The game also promotes cooperation and turn-taking, allowing players to learn important social skills while having a roaring good time.

Amalgam strategy board game by SimplyFun for ages 10 and up

3.  Amalgam

If you’re looking for games that include toys for special needs teenagers, Amalgam is a great choice. This game is a bit more complex than others on the list, which means it’s more likely to provide your special needs teenager with the challenge they need to feel engaged. Players take on the role of alchemists striving to create the most powerful potion. This game challenges their critical thinking, planning, and memorization skills. By carefully selecting ingredients and outsmarting opponents, special needs teenagers can boost their cognitive abilities and engage in a thrilling competition that keeps them fully immersed.

Corner Center Match by SimplyFun is a fast-paced shape and matching game for ages 7 and up

4.  Corner Center Match

Prepare for a colorful and fast-paced card game extravaganza! In Corner Center Match, players go head-to-head in a battle to match the corners of their cards to the center card. This exciting game enhances focus, self-control, and matching skills while fostering friendly competition. With two to six players, it's an ideal group activity for special needs students to enjoy together, encouraging social interaction and cooperative play.

Our World Puzzle Set by simplyFun helps teach USA and world geography and astronomy.

5.  Our World Puzzle Set

Puzzle-solving meets educational exploration in the Our World Puzzle Set! Special needs kids and adults can embark on captivating journeys by assembling US or world maps or exploring the vast wonders of the solar system. These puzzles not only strengthen spatial reasoning and fine motor skills but also impart valuable knowledge about geography and astronomy. When it comes to skill-building activities for adults with disabilities, puzzles are a great choice as they entertain and educate simultaneously.

15 to Zero by SimplyFun is fun addition game requiring quick thinking for ages 7 and up.

6. 15 to Zero

Mathematics becomes a thrilling adventure with 15 to Zero! Players aim to eliminate their number cards by strategically matching them to the numbers on the dice. This game fosters quick thinking, mental calculations, and number recognition. By infusing an element of competition, it keeps special needs children engaged and motivated to sharpen their mathematical abilities in a fun and interactive way.

Spark Learning and Development with SimplyFun

Special education games are the secret sauce to skill-building and cognitive development. Disability games and activities for adults and children allow them to explore, learn, and conquer new skills. They provide a fun and educational experience, all while promoting social interaction and improving motor skills.

At SimplyFun, we’re always innovating to create new and exciting games that challenge and engage minds of all ages in social play. We've combined engaging gameplay with educational content that sparks connections, joy, and a whole lot of laughter!

We have a variety of educational games for all ages and abilities that are perfect for schools or homeschooling. Browse our full collection of games today!

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