Become a SimplyFun Affiliate!

Great affiliate program for parents and teachers

Ready to sprinkle a little side hustle and family fun into your world? If you like games, learning, and helping families connect in meaningful ways, then our new Affiliate program might be right up your alley!

We take play seriously because we know the positive impact play can have on learning and emotional health. That's why we're looking for passionate parents, caregivers, educators, and everyone in-between who want to share the power of PLAY with their friends, family, colleagues, and community.

SimplyFun Blog - Become a SimplyFun Affiliate!

Why Become a SimplyFun Affiliate?

Our games are fun while bringing academic and social skills to life. They're also designed for busy families—most of our games can be played in 30 minutes or less! On the serious side, our games are backed by educational evaluation, safety testing, and offer opportunities to support learning challenges. Another great reason—SimplyFun games are award-winning! Over the years, our games have won more than 250 awards from parenting and academic groups alike. Designed for repeat play and with quality construction, our games are also long-lasting.

How the Affiliate Program Works

As a SimplyFun Affiliate, you'll earn 10% commission on sales made through your Affiliate link. Plus, you can qualify for additional bonuses and other great benefits as well. The Affiliate program is free to join and has no sales minimums. Once you're approved, we'll provide you with a personal Affiliate link. You can promote this link on your own social media channels and website or directly to friends and family via email or other means of communication.

Your commission will be paid weekly, and you have the opportunity to earn an additional bonus of up to 5% based on your monthly sales. You can also accumulate points that can be used towards coupons to purchase SimplyFun games. In addition to all of that, you'll get a 15% discount on your personal purchases of SimplyFun games.

SimplyFun Blog - Become a SimplyFun Affiliate!

Perks of Being a SimplyFun Affiliate

  • You get a personal affiliate link that can be easily shared with friends and family.
  • You can earn points when people click on your affiliate link and extra points and bonuses can be earned on your total annual sales.
  • Earn 10% commission, paid weekly, on sales made using your affiliate link and you can earn an additional bonus of up to 5% based on monthly sales.
  • Accumulated points earn you coupons that can be used to purchase SimplyFun games.
  • A 15% discount on your personal purchases of SimplyFun games.
  • Take a look at the Commission and Bonus Plan.

    How to Apply

    Sign up here and join us in making a difference! Because when kids play, we all win.

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