A Fun Word Game for Game Night- Chalk-A-Word!

Chalk-A-Word is a fun word game for game night!

Ready to chalk up your vocabulary, spelling, and memory skills? Then meet Chalk-A-Word, your next fun word game that is oodles of F-U-N for everyone! Chalk-A-Word is an interactive game where players add letter cards to build off of words created by their opponents.

Let’s chalk up an example:

A player lays down S,T, A and R cards. The following player plays L, E and T cards spelling the word Starlet. The first player receives four points for STAR and the second player gets seven points for STARLET. Players can weave letter cards into the word previously played but cannot re-arrange the letters.


fun word game for family game night - Chalk-A-Word by SimplyFun


The Power Cards featured in the Word Game

A fun assortment of Power Cards included in the game helps players double down on strategy, making Chalk-A-Word a unique vocabulary game for the whole family!

Two Letter Cards count as two points, while adding a PLUS Card to your play doubles your Two Letter Cards to four points!

A Power Card lets you exchange all seven of your cards for new ones, while a Draw Card lets you draw two new cards in hopes of letters you can play.

A Trade Card lets you trade three unfavorable letters in your hand with three cards from your chosen player, while the SWIPE card enables you to select a random card from another player.

Wild Cards are the “luck of the draw” card that allows players to assign the letter of their choice to the card.


The Artwork on the Chalk-A-Word Card Deck

The artwork on the cards feature clues to words that can be played with each letter card, adding a unique element to the game.

fun word game for family game night - Chalk-A-Word

Word Game Benefits of Chalk-A-Word

Word games challenge players to build their vocabulary and spelling skills while stimulating memory and cognitive function. You’ll find our newly released Chalk-A-Word card game to be a FUN addition to game night, homeschooling, classrooms, or adult nursing facilities.

Why play word games? Let’s face it, auto-correct does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to our spelling these days. However, our brains require strength training to stay agile and robust! That’s where word games like Chalk-A-Word come into play! Chalk-A-Word can be as easy or challenging as the words that are played, making this a fun game for adults and children ages 8 and up! Play it at home or on the go in as little as 30 minutes with 2-5 players.

If you are looking for an alternative to app word games that encourage social engagement and less screen time, then get ready to chalk up the fun with SimplyFun’s newest game–Chalk-A-Word!

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