20 Unique Stocking Stuffer Games

Unique Stocking Stuffer Games- Holiday Gift Guide

Stocking stuffers are a fun holiday tradition, especially for children who enjoy the experience of opening little surprises during the holiday season. However, finding affordable and useful items that won't be donated or forgotten the next day can be challenging. That's why educational games, such as card games and dice games, make perfect stocking stuffers.

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide for Everyone on your List!

Stocking Stuffer Game for the Kid Learning Math Sums

Unique Stocking Stuffers Games- 15 to Zero math game

15 to Zero Makes Learning Math Sums Fun for Kids!

2-6 players • 15-20 min • 7 & up • $24.00

Players match an individual number from the rolled dice or the sum of the dice rolled to a played match card. Strategy cards help add to the fun! Be the first to eliminate all your cards to win the game. A fun stocking stuffer game that gamifies addition math!


Stocking Stuffer Game For those who Love Family Road Trips!

Unique Stocking Stuffers Games- Icebreaker game

Are We There Yet? - Chat Ring

2+ players • 5 & up • $10

Are We There Yet? is a fun chat ring that is perfect for family road trips, school pick-ups, and any journey in between. This portable keyring is filled with icebreaker activities that families can do while on the road, encouraging family engagement, being present, and reducing screen time.

Click here for the importance of communication games for kids.


Stocking Stuffer Game for the Word Gamers on Your List

Unique Stocking Stuffers Games- word game - card game

Chalk-A-Word: Interactive Word Game for Kids and Adults!

2-5 players • 30 min • 8 & up • $25

Chalk-A-Word is a clever interactive word game that offers similar brain health benefits to crossword puzzles, with the added bonus of strategy, vocabulary development, and social play

Tip: Chalk-A-Word is a popular gift that provides both fun and mental exercise for kids, adults, and elders.


Stocking Stuffer Game for the Kid who Loves a Matching Card Game

Unique Stocking Stuffers Games- matching game

Chums Card Game: Color, Shape Recognition & Matching

2-6 players • 20 min • 4 & up • $14

Our variation of the classic "Go Fish" card game. Players collect sets of four matching cards by taking turns asking the other players for cards from their hands. The player that has collected the most schools of fish (sets of four) when the cards run out wins! 


Stocking Stuffers for the Grandparent who Likes Brain-Teaser Games

Unique Stocking Stuffers Games- matching game

Corner Center Match: Quick-Thinking Matching Game

2-6 players • 10 min • 7 & up • $14

Practice matching colors and shapes by quickly playing cards from your hand. Match a corner of your card with the center of the target card in both color and shape before another player makes the match. 

Unique Stocking Stuffers Games- word-association game

Linkity: Quick-Thinking Word Association Game

3-8 players • 15 min • 8 & up • $18

In the fast-paced card game Linkity, everyone plays at once to make connections between words in this laugh-out-loud word association game. 


Stocking Stuffer Game for Dads who Love Bowling

Unique Stocking Stuffers Games- bowling game

Cross Lanes: Sequencing and Planning Game

2-4 players • 20 min • 6 & up • $14

Up one, down one. Strike and spare. Be the first player to run out of cards in this game that challenges your sequencing skills.


Stocking Stuffer Game for the Dinosaur Enthusiast Kid

Unique Stocking Stuffers Games- dinosaur fun facts game

Dinosaur Challenge: Dinosaur Facts and Decision-Making Game

2-4 players • 15-20 min • 7 & up • $26

Which dinosaur do you think can best overcome dangerous events and natural disasters? Choose the dinosaur with the correct traits to beat out the other dinosaurs and win the most challenges.


Stocking Stuffer Game for the Hostess who loves Party Games

Unique Stocking Stuffer Games- memory game - party game

Do It Again!: Memory and Sequencing Game

2-8 players • 10 min • 7 & up • $18

Stay in the game by using your memory skills to repeat the existing action sequence before performing the action on the card. Make a mistake, and you are out! A hilarious party game that puts your memory to work!


Stocking Stuffer Game for the Mom who Adores Gathering Family and Exchanging Stories

Unique Stocking Stuffer Games- icebreaker game - portable game

Family Stories - Chat Ring: Icebreaker Game

2+ players • 5 & up • $10

Family Stories- Chat Ring is a portable icebreaker game that features 98 meaningful icebreaker questions that engage kids, teens, adults and older generations! This ring is a great way to share stories, get to know one another better, and have a great laugh.


Four-in-One Stocking Stuffer Card Games for Young Learners

Unique Stocking Stuffer Games- classic card games

Kids on the Go Card Set: Early Learning Playing Cards

2-6 players • 20 min • 4 & up • $49

This fun set of card games introduces young players to taking turns and recognizing their colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. Includes a convenient tote bag for more fun on the go. 


Stocking Stuffer Game for the Kid Learning Geometry

Unique Stocking Stuffer Games- geometry card game

Shape Whiz: Geometry Card Game

2-4 players • 15 min • 10 & up • $28

Race your opponent to find the shape that fits the geometry clue. Everyone must agree the shape is a match or flip the card to check the facts. So fun, you won't even realize you're learning all about geometry.


Stocking Stuffers for the Tabletop Gamer who Loves Game Accessories

Unique Stocking Stuffer Games- dice tray

SimplyFun Dice Tray $9

Made from quality printed neoprene fabric (similar to a mouse mat). Plastic snaps on the corners allow you to pinch the edges to create a tray to soften the clatter of dice and contain your rolls.

Unique Stocking Stuffer Games- dice game set

Travel Dice Set $12

Set of six colorful dice in a travel box, with a dice game and a link to more games online.


Stocking Stuffer Game for the Friend who Enjoys a Fun yet Simple Fast-Paced Card Game

Unique Stocking Stuffer Games- card game - matching game

Sneaks: Decision Making and Quick Thinking Card Game

2-8 players • 30 min • 6 & up • $22

Players pass cards one at a time to each other, trying to collect four of a kind, and then race to grab one of the limited number of sneakers. The last player with a sneaker wins the game! 


Stocking Stuffer Game for Coworkers who Like This or That Icebreaker Questions

Unique Stocking Stuffer Games- icebreaker game

Take Your Pick: Portable Icebreaker Game

3+ players • 20 min • 8 & up • $15

Early or late? Serious or silly? Which options will the other players choose to describe themselves? Match their pick in this fun way to get to know one another better. 


Tip: For even more Take Your Pick fun, check out Take Your Pick II.


Stocking Stuffer Game for the Tween/Teen who enjoys Answering Crazy This or That Questions

Unique Stocking Stuffer Games- icebreaker game

Take Your Pick - Qrazy Quandaries: Crazy This or That Icebreaker Questions 

3+ players • 20 min • 8 & up • $15

A "crazy" way to get to know each other better...Would you prefer to eat two pounds of pure chocolate or two pounds of ice cream? This game will have you "cracking" up!


Stocking Stuffer Game for the Little One who Loves Trucks and Learning to Count

Unique Stocking Stuffer Games- addition game - truck game for kids

Tally On: Early Counting Card Game

2-4 Players • 10 min • 5 & up • $20

Practice your counting on and addition skills to fill up the delivery truck. The last player to fill the truck without adding too many boxes takes the pile of cards. The player with the most cards wins. 


Stocking Stuffer Game for the Word Gamer who Enjoys a Brain-Teaser Challenge!

Unique Stocking Stuffer Games- word game - dice game

Word Bits: Spelling, Quick Thinking, and Vocabulary Game

2-4 players • 20-30 min • 8 & up • $24

Players spell words that match a specific category and have the correct number of matching letters. The letters can be used in any order, and only the fastest player to use them will collect the card used in each round. The player with the most cards at the end wins!


5 Good Reasons Why SimplyFun Games Make the Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Adults and Kids

1. Games are an Experience Gift 

Experience gifts are gaining popularity for a reason. But why settle for a one-time experience when you can give your loved ones a gift that engages the entire family for many years and seasons? Enter the world of games! Playing games is a dynamic and interactive experience that evolves with each round of gameplay, offering endless opportunities to learn, grow, and bond. Which makes them the perfect stocking stuffer gift!


2. SimplyFun Games are Educational

Learning as you play releases serotonin, the happy hormones that help regulate sleep, mood, and memory. Fun educational games also allow children to associate learning with play! We guarantee everyone on your holiday gift list will benefit from play-based learning games, so why not consider a few stocking stuffers for the grandparents to help with memory, a few fun dice games for the neighbors, or a chat ring or two to help make the holidays more engaging for families this year!


3. SimplyFun Games are Fun

Games are all about fun, but people often believe educational games cannot possibly be entertaining, but that is the beauty of SimplyFun games. They are equal parts fun AND educational. We take pride in collaborating with some of the best game designers, artists, and academic advisors. We also test our games with families to ensure our games are both exciting to play and educational. 


4. SimplyFun Games Help Everyone Engage During the Holiday Season

Buying a stocking stuffer game for your loved ones is a great way to engage everyone during the holiday season. SimplyFun games also come with a piece replacement policy, so you don't have to worry about losing cards or dice - we'll replace them for you without any questions asked!


5. SimplyFun Games are an Affordable Gift with Stocking Stuffer Options under $25

Stocking stuffers under $25 can be easily found with a few of our favorite card games, dice games, and more. These games have endless replayability, are educational, and are backed by a piece replacement policy. Not only are they affordable and built to last, but they also provide a lot of value for their cost.


Now that you got stocking stuffers covered for everyone on your list, check out our Board Game Lover's Gift Guide for holiday gift ideas you can tuck under the tree!

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