International Shipping FAQ

Who is is a third-party service provider to SimplyFun. Through its international shipping program, services customers in over 220 countries around the world.


How does it work?

Use of this service requires that customers register directly with Once you are registered with, you will receive a US shipping address that you will use on orders you place on SimplyFun’s shopping page. Your SimplyFun orders will be shipped to that US address and received and inspected by Your SimplyFun product will then be consolidated with other orders you direct to and shipped to you at your declared international address.

Note: Once your order is successfully delivered by SimplyFun to your MyUS address, questions regarding the status of international shipments and consolidations should be sent directly to


How do I place an order using

You must first register with Once you create an account on you will be given your own personal US address. You can use this address when checking out on the SimplyFun order page. Checking out at SimplyFun covers the cost of the items purchased, as well as the cost of shipping to your MyUS address. Payment for international shipments will be charged through MyUS when you select your carrier of choice.


What is the cost of the service?

The cost of your international shipment depends on the weight of the items you have purchased and on your selected carrier. MyUS uses TruePrice pricing, and shipping costs can be found at


Do I still need to pay sales tax and shipping costs to the US Address provided by

You will need to pay shipping costs to the US destination provided by as per SimplyFun’s standard shipping policy. You will NOT need to pay sales taxes as the address provided by is located in a tax-free zone.


If I already have a account and shipping address, may I use that address with SimplyFun?

Yes. If you are already a subscriber to services, you may use the US address you received for all your orders with SimplyFun.


How long will it take my package to arrive?

Once your package arrives at the warehouse, you are able to select from multiple shipment carriers with varying speeds of delivery and price points.


Are International Customers able to access SimplyFun’s monthly specials?

Yes. International Customers may purchase games that are on monthly special through SimplyFun’s online shopping cart.


What if I want to purchase something later for delivery to a US residential address?

If you wish to purchase something from SimplyFun for delivery to another address within the US, you will NOT use the address provided by Instead you will use the actual residential street address. In this case local jurisdictional sales taxes will apply in addition to freight.


How do I return a game?

International customers may return a game using the same process as a game purchased in the US. Please click here to see our return policy.


How do I get replacement pieces?

SimplyFun can provide replacement pieces for your game. Click here and provide a description of the pieces you need and your shipping address. We will send the pieces to that address at no cost to you. Costs for overseas shipment will be charged independently to you by