Join the SimplyFun Affiliate team

Join SimplyFun as an Affiliate and earn 10% on every sale made via your Affiliate link! Plus, you can qualify for additional bonuses, product credits, giveaways, and other great benefits as well.

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  • Sign Up (it's free)
  • We'll give you a personal Affiliate link
  • Promote your link (on your social media, website, to friends and family etc.)
  • Earn 10% commission on all purchases made via your link, and get paid weekly. Plus, earn the opportunity for monthly bonuses.


  • 10% commission on all purchases made via your link.
  • You could earn bonuses of up to 25%, based on the total monthly sales made via your link and the number of qualifying Affiliates in your group. Click here to view the Commission and Bonus Plan.
  • Additional bonuses can also be earned on sales of up to three levels of Affiliates in your group.
  • 30-day cookie.
  • No fees to join or participate.
  • No monthly minimums, annual sales requirement of only $50 to stay in the program.
  • Exclusive Facebook group where you can chat with other Affiliates.
  • Fun promotions throughout the year.
  • We'll even provide images, graphics, and marketing material you can use.


  • SimplyFun Affiliate opportunity is strictly available for those residing in and eligible to work in the United States.
  • SimplyFun games and products are licensed and authorized for sale and shipping within the United States only.
  • SimplyFun games and products are not eligible for shipping outside of the United States. Customers who purchase products in the United States from SimplyFun may choose to have their purchases delivered overseas using the third-party service portal. Detailed information is available here.