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Pickles Pig Puppet

Pickles Pig Puppet

1 or more players • 4 & up

Focus: Creativity

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Pickles is cute, soft and hungry for adventure because he wants to learn all about the world. Use your hog-wild imagination to feed his (and your) adventurous appetite.

Skills: Imagination

Game Includes

  • 16" tall puppet

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How to Play

Meet Pickles the Pig. He's one of our soft and loveable SimplyFun puppets and his happy smile can brighten anyone's day!

Pickles loves to be the center of attention. A big, denim pop belly rests on your forearm, while its comical wide mouth, expressive eyes, and pink tongue call out to all other friends to join in the fun.

Puppet Play
  • Puppets are great to include in dramatic play. Whether playing house or veterinarian the animals can be fed, put to bed, or doctored. Puppets are soft and cuddly and thus stimulate nurturing behavior in the young child.
  • Puppets encourage children to have conversations. Whether someone else is holding the puppet or the child is operating the puppet himself, puppets "talk" and inspire children to talk back. Use puppets to have talks with your child about what to get at the grocery store, what they want to do outside, or what they did at school. Children will often tell puppets things they won't share with adults!
  • Encourage your child to "read" to the puppets. After you share a book with your child, add a puppet. Ask your child to show the puppet the pictures and tell it the story. Involve the puppet by having the puppet ask questions or make comments about the book that the child can respond to. This activity promotes your child's early literacy skills and storytelling ability.
  • Use puppets to help with problem solving about rules or behaviors. Puppets are not authority figures, so children may be able to listen and learn as the puppet helps them think about the situation. For example, Digger the Dog can be an expert on being a friend, Pickles the Pig may know about manners, and Tibbar can be a good listener and helper.
  • Puppets can be an audience for children's performances. Children love to be the center of attention. Every person who holds a puppet doubles the size of the audience! The puppets can cheer, applaud and request additional performances.