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Eye to Eye Expansion: More Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye Expansion: More Eye to Eye

2-6 Players • 30 min • 10 & up

Focus: Vocabulary

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Note: Not a complete game. Requires a copy of Eye to Eye to play. Expansion set with 650 new questions, including three new types of cards!

Skills: Social Relationships

Game Includes

  • Includes three new types of cards!
  • 1) Same meaning.
  • 2) Fill in the blank.
  • 3) Starts with…

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How to Play

Players read a category card out loud, and then write down three items that relate to it. All players then read their answers out loud. If your answers are unique then you receive penalty points. If you have the fewest penaly blocks at the end, you win!

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How to Play Video & Transcript

Hi! I'm Senior Playologist John Ireton, here to talk about SimplyFun's classic category matching game, Eye to Eye.

This is a prediction game for three or more players ages 10 and up, that tests your social awareness. Given a category, try to come up with the top three 3 answers that will match what other people write down.

The game comes with a box of 200 double-sided category cards, 55 wooden penalty blocks, a 30 second timer and pencil & paper for each player.

Eye to Eye encourages players to think beyond their own borders. How will other people answer this question? It lets a group of people learn about each other, and validate what they already know.

Setup the penalty blocks in a pyramid in the center of the table. Everyone can help create this structure to make it go quickly. Give each player a pencil and paper, as well as a veto chip. This veto power allows each player a chance to eliminate one category they would really prefer to skip. The starting player is the person at the table who has the most unique eyes.

Draw a category card from the box and read it aloud to the group, then start the sand timer. Each player must quickly write down exactly three answers they think best match the category.

Here's an example: The category is 'Types of Candy Bars'. After time runs out, I read my answers: Snickers, which everyone at the table had on their list, so we all cross it out. My second answer was Baby Ruth, and even though only one other person had it, we still get to cross it out! My final answer is Butterfinger, and no one else had written it, so I take one penalty block.

And that's how it works! Go around the table and let each player read whatever answers remain uncrossed and taking penalties if necessary. The game ends when the last block is removed from the center of the table, and the winner is the player with the LEAST blocks collected.

Eye to Eye has endured as one of our favorite SimplyFun games, and there are two expansions available for those who need additional category cards. More Eye to Eye contains 650 new questions and introduces new question types, like fill in the blank, or answers that start with a letter. And Eye to Eye Jr has questions slanted toward a younger group.