Our GameRaising program is all about partnering with parents and teachers to give kids access to learning through game play in the classroom. Whether it is academics or Social Emotional Learning (SEL), kids benefit from games as another method to learn new concepts and practice content from their studies.

SimplyFun games get kids excited about learning. With every move, they problem solve, connect with others and develop real–world skills. Holding a GameRaiser at your school is the first step in making that happen.



For the classrooms: Fall GameRaising gets educational board games into the classroom. Parents purchase games that support instructional goals based on wishlists developed by their teachers. The games purchased are shipped directly to the school, and the school may receive additional free games based on the overall number of games purchased by the parents.


For the family: Spring GameRaising is focused on putting games into parent’s hands to help kids get a jump start on the upcoming school year and to practice what was learned in the last school year to address the well know summer learning-slide. Parents purchase games for home use based on teacher recommendations with games shipped directly to individual families.

For more information on our GameRaising program please contact us here.

Math Room Game by SimplyFun
Looking to purchase games directly for your school? Take a look at our School Purchasing page.