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Stacy Longstreet – Director Product Development at SimplyFun

There are many things we consider when producing our games, but at the top of the list is safety, quality, and durability. Our goal is to create games that can enjoy a long life in classrooms, libraries, with your family, and to be passed down and shared along the way. Our SimplyFun games are built to ‘play and repeat!’

To this end, we are conscientious about the materials we use, and the components included in our games as well as anticipating that some components may find a home down
a heating vent or under the refrigerator requiring a replacement piece to keep the game in playable condition.


Quality games - Kilter Tabletop Game

We use recycled paper and cardboard where we can. (Ranging from 20-100% recycled material.) Our preference whenever possible is to use wood (sustainable) instead of plastic, using plastics only when necessary.


quality built to last games - savannascapes board game

Every game production run is tested by an independent internationally recognized testing agency before the game leaves the factory. This includes our reprinted game production runs. All our games must meet or exceed the current US Safety Testing Standards. (US CPSIA and US ASTM F963-17 Toys and TPCH and CA Prop 65 including Phthalates)

Sometimes we get surprised by how our game pieces are played with! One example was the game Wake Up Stars where we learned that the foam stars in this game made great bath toys! Not something we had anticipated which led to turning our production office into a room full of many mini-water baths so we could test the heat transfer images on the stars. Good news…the stars like water!

Choking Hazards

quality games wooden games- Animal Snacks game

For our games intended for little ones (3+) we work hard to create pieces larger than 32mm to avoid the possibility of choking. And even then, we include the warning label just in case.

You may also notice that even our games for kids ages 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 and older have a choking hazard label on them when pieces are small enough to be swallowed. We place the warning label on our older age games as we know that some families may still have younger ones playing about.

Piece Replacement Policy

quality games, wooden games- asymbol tabletop game

We also offer a FREE piece replacement policy to help ensure that our games have a long life and are not disposed of into landfill because a piece has been damaged or gone missing. If we have it, we share it at no cost to the consumer. We don’t even require a proof of purchase to get replacement parts. Our view is that keeping the game whole, keeps it out of a landfill even if the game moves on to new game owners!

New technologies and advancements may offer more efficient methods for production and more recycled and or sustainable materials may be discovered. We are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve our products.

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